If you’re sending money overseas, save $10 when you make the payment in Online Banking rather than at a branch. You can find Overseas payments from the ‘Banking’ tab, on the left menu under ‘Payments’.

What you’ll need


Each overseas payment made in Online Banking will attract a single fee of $20. This fee, plus the Australian equivalent of the amount being sent, will be charged to the account you choose to pay from.

Bank SWIFT Codes

A Bank SWIFT Code is an internationally recognised identifying code of either 8 or 11 characters that is used by the SWIFT network to send payments quickly and accurately.

You can obtain the SWIFT code from the recipient, or search www.swift.com/bsl/index.faces

The Westpac SWIFT Code is WPACAU2S


European recipients have an IBAN for their account that they can get from their bank. Make sure the person you’re paying gives you this information – don’t try to calculate it based on their account number.

Confirming payment

Click on 'Past Payments' tab. It provides a status of submitted payments. An entry in the Past Payments' list will progress from P status (Processing) to either S (Sent) or R (Rejected).

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