You've been asking, how long does it really take for my payment to be processed?

This depends on whether your payment is going to a Westpac account, or to an account at another financial institution. It also depends on whether you are making the payment to an account you’ve paid to before, or a new payee.  

Pay Anyone payments to another financial institution1

Pay Anyone payments to another Westpac branded account

To existing payees2 (i.e. accounts you’ve paid before, within the last 12 months): 

To new payees (i.e. accounts you haven’t paid before, or haven’t paid in the last 12 months): 

Payments between my own Westpac branded accounts using Funds Transfer 


1 Payments are released to another financial institution for overnight processing. However, we cannot guarantee when they will credit the recipient's account.
2 Note that if the period between the first and second payment is less than 24 hours then the second payment will also be treated as though it were to a new payee.